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​This is sad, but it ensures the circulation of money and the employment of unnecessary units of doctors. Alternative medicine is the most important mainstay for this; Alternative pharmacology - pseudo-pill-drop treatment. Those who just ask are examined - until the attending physician has made a diagnosis, there is no disease, and diagnostic doctors help him in this: radiologists, ultrasound specialists, laboratory assistants.

Also ivermectin, any trip to the direction of a medical institution makes you, in the eyes of a doctor, not just a person, but a suspicious person. For example, when you come for some kind of help, trying to convince a man in a white coat that you are not sick: for a driver's license, a gun permit and other sanitary books. Unfortunately, at the moment in the development of science and technology, most diseases are still incurable, therefore the bulk of patients are chronicles. 
If you try to mentally cover the entire sphere of the chronically ill, you will get a wild percentage of non-working people. For example, children with disabilities from childhood.

Those of them who graduated from a comprehensive school, by that time have already had a disabled status for ivermectin 3 mg, receivetreatment, are periodically hospitalized and have vast experience in communicating with doctors, and with a ruthless bureaucratic machine and with social services.

When they were able to unlearn grades 9-11, there is no need to talk about a pronounced intellectual decline, but the deformation is enormous: long-term status obliges them to live on welfare and outside of working capacity (usually), and this is not the sweetest life.

Oh, so it turns out life for the sake of life - after all, in such conditions, the possibilities of any growth are extremely narrowed.

And looking from a different angle, we will see that this entire army of chroniclers, supported by the state, funds and others, receives treatment and is involved in scientific research. Believe it or not - this is a direct reference to the experiments of Nazi Germany on people, only covered up like humanism and civilization.

Let me explain: we cannot cure all these people, their social support leaves much to be desired, but science gets a huge legal testing ground for the development and testing of anything. In simplified terms, it looks like this: “We cannot help you much, well, we will provide some life, but thanks to generations of patients like you, science may someday figure out what to do with all this.

n the meantime, here are your pills, here are our candidates and grants. Everyone is happy. " It is cynical, but this is so - almost 10% of the country (13 million people with disabilities) exist on the provision, in fact, only for ivermectin and statistics.

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